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The Microbial Ecology and Theory of Animals (META) Center for Systems Biology is devoted to understanding how host-microbe systems work and using this knowledge to advance human health.

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Registration open for the 7th Conference on Beneficial Microbes

January 12, 2018

7th Conference on Beneficial Microbes

Karen Guillemin and Mark Mandel, co-organizers of the 7th Conference on Beneficial Microbes, are pleased to announce the conference speakers and sessions:  … read more …

How to Wash Your Hands in the Microbial World

December 15, 2017


Michelle Massaquoi, a graduate student in the Guillemin lab, published a commentary piece about how to wash your hands during the holiday travels. The article emphasizes that not all microbes are pathogenic and that protecting  … read more …

Importance of dispersal in shaping microbiomes

October 11, 2017

zebrafish image_600x400

A new publication, led by META Center graduate Adam Burns, demonstrates the importance of dispersal in shaping gut microbial communities, as described here. In this study, Burns and coworkers  … read more …




Upcoming & Recent Events


Monday, February 26

Meta Meeting

Ellie Melancon, Elena Wall, and Kyleah Murphy

Operations of the Gnotobiology Room

350 Willamette 4pm

Friday, February 23

Journal Club

Cathy Robinson

Stocker et al 2008
275 Onyx, 3pm

Monday, February 19

Meta Meeting

Human Microbiome Candidate Katherine Amato

221 Allen Hall 4pm

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